FileSender: Software

FileSender makes sending and receiving large files as secure as private point-to-point connections. Read more about the features of FileSender below.
Privacy demands additional assurances


Some files contain sensitive information, but need to be shared regardless. Think of personal information, patient data, research data bases or policy details. We understand that such transfers demand additional assurances. That’s why we’ve built FileSender with security in mind.

FileSender offers ‘authenticated send’, making sure receivers know that the sender is trustworthy as his identity has been verified. Users can select specific receivers and can also set a specific period during which the files are available. Files can be send end-to-end encrypted (based on AES256 encryption) with a secret password. This form of authentication ensures that only the receivers identified by the sender have access to the files. After the set transfer period, files are automatically deleted without a trace. 

We provide clear updates on the status of your transfer, from sending to successful download. Our logs ensure that there’s always a record on hand for each transfer. But we value privacy too. Log data can be deleted as soon as you have no further need of it.

Endless opportunities


User visible features

  • Multi-file transfer of any size
  • Easy to use UI
  • Email receipts with full control
  • Overview of Transfers with re-send option
  • Audit trail for each transfer
  • Guest access

Under the hood

  • Privacy by design
  • Transfer options, incl. limitations
  • TeraSender high speed upload module
  • Authentication
  • Multi-database support
  • RESTful Webservice API
  • Email handling
Drag and drop

Ease of use

FileSender is easy to use. It all starts with our straightforward, multilingual interface. From there users can quickly and securely send one or multiple files to designated receivers, just by dragging and dropping. Once the upload starts, FileSender will take care of the rest. Even if users accidently log-out or time-out of our client. Files can be sent serially or in parallel, ensuring that receivers obtain their files in the correct order. 

Need a third party to upload data? Not a problem with our guest voucher system. Users can allow guest access to specific transfers for selected email addresses. Guest options can be configured by the sender, ensuring maximum flexibility. Whether sending a single file to an associate or sending a series of reports to a colleague. 

Power of collaboration

Open source

We believe in the power of collaboration. That is why we opted for an open source platform. FileSender attracts contributions from talented developers, which are thoroughly tested. Our users get the best of both worlds: innovative new features but within a stable and reliable application.

Free to use


A second advantage of choosing for an open source platform is cost-efficiency. For us to maintain and for you to use. FileSender is free to use. You can choose to send a donation and help us pay for the upkeep of the platform. A donation may include additional services of your choice.

Keep FileSender up and running


FileSender is an open source file sharing application. We offer an affordable and secure file sharing solution for medical organizations, educational facilities, research institutes and nonprofits. We couldn’t do that without your help. Our project relies on the contributions of developers, testers, writers and many other supporters. From new lines of code to better translations, every little bit helps. Would you rather help us keep FileSender up and running with a financial donation? We really appreciate any donation to help us help you to exchange large files quickly and securely.

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