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We believe in the values of the open source community. That is why FileSender is fully open source. We cordially invite users and developers to provide feedback on FileSender and propose improvements or additional functionality.

Make sure to visit our GitHub page for the latest build and information on FileSender releases.

Support for your FileSender installation

FileSender Branding

Please find the FileSender logo in PNG format in black (273×150 px, 3509×2481 px) and white (273×150 px, 3509×2481 px) variations. Also you can download ZIP archive for sources files to present FileSender in a consistent and recognizable way.

Participate in the community

Community Support

FileSender maintains several mailing lists to keep you informed about the project and to provide opportunities for those using FileSender to exchange ideas and ask questions. Find out more about our mailing lists and how you can participate.

Releases page

Availability and download

Visit the Releases page for details about the general availability of the FileSender software.

What feature would you like to add?

Feature Requests

Go to the Issues page if you have a feature you would like to see added to FileSender.
Installation page


Some storage, MariaDB or PostgreSQL for database, Apache or nginx for web server, PHP and SimpleSamlPhp. Please see the Installation page for minimum version requirements.


FileSender maintains a range of documentation to support users. Please see the documentation for versions 2.x.


FileSender is released under the BSD license. It is open source software and available for free.


Version 2.0 features are described here.

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