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FileSender is a web-based application for sending large files, quickly and securely. The files are available for a limited amount of time and a limited amount of receivers, as chosen by the sender. Afterwards, the files are automatically deleted from the application. FileSender is quick, easy to use and can handle files of any size. And because of our extensive security protocols, files only reach their intended recipients – and no one else. That makes FileSender a popular choice at research institutes, healthcare organizations and educational facilities.

Composition of the current FileSender Board (in alphabetical order)

FileSender Board

Guido Aben

Guido Aben an international strategy officer at SUNET, the Swedish NREN. He holds an MSc in physics from Utrecht University. In his current role at SUNET, he is responsible for building partnerships and fostering collaborations between like-minded entities in international NREN-dom, such as in cable systems and e-Infrastructure, all in order to build services to researchers’ requirements. His current prime interest is in federated large data collaboration systems, but he’s always on the lookout for new diamonds in the rough.

Jan Meijer (Chair)

Jan Meijer is one of the founders of FileSender. In his dayjob he is Senior Advisor for International Strategy at Sikt, the Norwegian NREN. A well-known member of the Nordic and European research community, Jan has been involved in a wide variety of subjects in R&E networking. He has a particular interest in long term joint collaborations to achieve together what is hard to achieve alone.

Jan Meijer

Rogier Spoor

Rogier Spoor is Product Manager at SURF, the Dutch NREN. Rogier supports SURF’s security community (SCIRT) and develops and innovates new services in the field of security and cloud computing. Rogier is co-founder of eduVPN, a full open-source VPN solution, which has been specifically developed for educational and research institutions. Rogier Spoor graduated in Bioprocess Engineering at the Wageningen University and Research Centre. He is one of the founding board members of The Commons Conservancy.

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