NREN FileSender deployment map is now available

We attempt to keep track of the deployed footprint of the FileSender software, especially in the R&E community and have just updated the FileSender R&E deployment map. According to our data from April 2023 there are 35 countries in the world in which National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) provide a FileSender service to their national R&E communities. All these countries are shown on the NREN FileSender deployment maps below.

Known NREN FileSender installations in the world

At the regional level the FileSender service is offered by GÉANT in Europe, RedCLARA in Latin America and UbuntuNet Alliance in South and East Africa. At the institutional level there are known FileSender services offered by universities of Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Japan and Spain.

Known NREN FileSender installations in the Europe

FileSender is open source software to deliver a service for easy and secure transfer of large files through a trusted intermediary, often the NREN. The sender has full control over who receives and can access the files (through authentication of users) and for which period of time – as it should be. With privacy, data security and digital sovereignty high on the agenda of both organizations and individuals, the FileSender open source web application provides a secure, trustworthy and transparent way for sharing large files.

How is the deployment map generated?

In the FileSender development documents on GitHub there is a list of the currently known FileSender installations in MarkDown format. It contains the list of known installations. Mainly listed here are NREN services offered to a national R&E community, but we are also aware of installations offered by regional RENs, some universities, few legal sector organisations and governmental entities. From this list we then create a map of FileSender instances for the whole world. Using MapChart, the data can be visualized and our custom map can be created. Big thanks to its developers!

If you are running a FileSender installation, both within and outside the R&E community, but do not find your country on the current map, please add it yourself to the list of known installations on GitHub using a pull-request, or let us know by sending an email directly to the FileSender Board (of course in case we can make its existence public).