New FileSender 2.46 release

We are happy to announce the release of FileSender 2.46. This new release offers a few features and bug fixes. We are grateful to the global NREN community for supporting the FileSender project to evolve.

FileSender is an open source web application that organizations can install at no cost. Through FileSender, organizations can offer their users an online service with which they can share their files securely whilst using local storage options. Organizations are completely free in the way they install FileSender in their infrastructure and organizations are able to host FileSender on-premises or in a private cloud in an appropriate data center. This means that they can offer the FileSender service in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For FileSender 2.46, UUID generation moved to using version 7 which places the time as a common prefix for the identifier. Files can now be stored in optional daily and then optional hourly subdirectories in the files storage location to avoid having very large directories. A bug with add_me_to_recipients and guests has been fixed. PHP8 is now required. Details on:

Please see Support and Mailing lists to stay updated on the latest FileSender developments and important news.

FileSender users are appreciated providing feedback. You can submit things – inspect and report bugs, request features you would like to see added to FileSender – that might improve the next release on the GitHub Issue Tracker.