April 2021: new release with major changes

Nothing is set in stone. This goes for the majority of IT-related topics and especially for an ever evolving open source solution such as FileSender. We have just released our latest version: 2.24 and a lot has changed. Not only did we fix a couple of bugs, we added things incl. downloadable encrypted file in zip files and “streaming downloads” allowing very large files to be encrypted.


FileSender is an open source web application that organizations can install at no cost. Through FileSender, organizations can offer their users an online service with which they can share their files securely whilst using local storage options. Organizations are completely free in the way they install FileSender in their infrastructure and organizations are able to host FileSender on-premises or in a private cloud in an appropriate data center. This means that they can offer the FileSender service in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Want to know more about the possibilities of FileSender? Read all about the latest release on: https://github.com/filesender/filesender/releases/